The Vaca Valley Radio Club sponsors repeaters on several bands. The club provides some financial support, but the owners provide a substantial portion of the cost of their operation. The efforts of the owners are greatly appreciated.

Visitors are welcome to use the repeaters

The main repeater for the club is:


Call Sign: W6VVR
Output Frequency: 145.470MHz
Input Frequency: 144.870MHz
CTCSS tone (P.L.): 127.3Hz
Offset Frequency: 600KHz
Offset Direction: minus


Sponsored repeaters are listed below

Vaca Valley Radio Club Repeaters
August 1, 2011
Rptr Out Off P.L. Call
145.470 - 127.3 W6VVR
224.200 - 127.3 WV6F
440.025 + 127.3 WV6F