The Vaca Valley Radio Club sponsors repeaters on several bands. The club provides some financial support, but the owners provide a substantial portion of the cost of their operation. The efforts of the owners are greatly appreciated.

Visitors are welcome to use the repeaters

The main repeater for the club is:


Call Sign: W6VVR
Output Frequency: 145.470MHz
Input Frequency: 144.870MHz
CTCSS tone (P.L.): 127.3Hz
Offset Frequency: 600KHz
Offset Direction: minus


Sponsored repeaters are listed below

Mt Vaca repeaters are in the shadow of Mt Vaca beginning at the north end of Fairfield and going north through I80 in Lagoon Valley. The 441.650 MHz repeater helps provide coverage in the shadowed area.

Vaca Valley Radio Club Sponsored Repeaters
May 1, 2019
Rptr Out Offset P.L. Call/ Location Linked Repeaters
145.470 minus 600 KHz 127.3 W6VVR Mt Vaca Linked to 441.650 MHz
145.140 minus 600 KHz 77.0
DG-ID 00-00
Moderate level Can operate Yaesu Fusion AMS
Can be linked to 145.470 MHz or 441.650 MHz
440.025 plus 5 MHz 127.3 WV6F Mt Vaca
441.650 plus 5 MHz 100.0 N6VLF Fairfield ' Linked to 145.470 MHz

EchoLink and AllStar Nodes

The Vaca Valley Radio Club operates EchoLink and Allstar Nodes that link to our club main repeater on 145.470 MHz on top of Mt Vaca.

NOTE: EchoLink is UP, Allstar node is currently down.
They have been relocated and the Allstar node should be up soon.

Visitors are welcome to use the node


Call Sign: W6VVR
EchoLink Node 454312 W6VVR-R
Allstar Node 51094