Track Title Description Length
1New World Of Amateur RadioFast-paced introduction to Amateur Radio. Produced by ARRL. Hosted by Roy Neal, K6DUE. 198728 min 30 sec
2 Ham Radio In Space An overview of Amateur Radio's history in space - from satellites to the space shuttles, and beyond. Suitable for audiences of all ages. 1991 30 min 25 sec
3 Your Headquarters At Work A departmental tour of ARRL's Administrative Headquarters in 1992 in Newington, Connecticut. 22 min 5 sec
4 ARRL PSAs Two 30-second Amateur Radio public service announcements appropriate for club viewing. Those interested in copies for local TV stations or cable outlets may contact ARRL's Public Relations Department for broadcast quality tape. 1 min
5 Courage In The North Handi-Ham Radio Camp. An Amateur Radio camp where people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments experience ham radio and earn their licenses. Produced by Courage "center". 1992 10 min
6 Sharing Amateur Radio with Handi-Hams Some "dos and don'ts" for interacting with disabled Amateur Radio operators. Produced by Courage "center". 1995 10 min 32 sec
Track Title Description Length
1When Disaster StrikesThis program discusses the ever-changing role of Amateur Radio in public safety and service, leading emergency communications into the 21st Century. Produced by ARRL and The Martinez California Police Department. 199610 min
2At Any MomentAn overview of Amateur Radio disaster preparedness. An introduction to the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), RACES, and the National traffic System (NTS). 198314 min
3Field Day FeverA light-hearted look at this popular ARRL-sponsored activity. Produced by H. Paul Clampit, K5TCK.25 min
4Disaster Drill: The Big OneEmergency management coordination during an earthquake drill. Includes short pieces about establishing ham radio communications during disasters, voice, packet radio and amateur television. Produced by the Portland (OR) Fire Bureau. 198812 min
5Last Voice from KuwaitThe heroic efforts of Amateur Radio operators during Desert Storm. Produced by Frank Moore, WA1URA, WANE-TV. 199124:55
Track Title Description Length
1What Are Those Crazy Sounding Signals SayingA demonstration of digital communication modes, including Morse code, packet, RTTY and AMTOR. Hosted by Ernest Austin, W7AXJ. 199020 min
2This is Amateur TelevisionA how-to primer of amateur television (ATV). Hosted by Chuck Zappala, KE7SA30 min
3Packet RadioBasics on packet radio. Produced by the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Organization. Narrated by Peter Eaton, WB9FLW30 min
4AMSAT Phase 3DA brief introduction to "the satellite for all radio amateurs." Hosted by Roy Neal, K6DUE and Barry Goldwater, K7UGA. Produced by AMSAT. 199410 min
Track Title Description Length
1Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Antennas...but were afraid to askInformative look at how various antenna designs perform. Presentation made at Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory. 1981. Presenter, Frank Rutter, K3AW (Silent Key).1 hr 8 min 30 sec
2Spark GapA brief history of early wireless communication.1 hr
Track Title Description Length
1VP8SSI: The South Sandwich SagaEight hams embark on a daring DXpedition to South Sandwich Island, 1992. Executive Producer, Sam brown, WA4IUM; Photographer Terry Dubson, W6MKB; Expedition Team Leader, Tony DePrato, WA4JQS.25 min
2Journey To Peter I IslandClose To The Edge. Journey to the most isolated place on earth. The 3Y0PI DXpedition included 9 hams from 4 countries, and nearly 60,000 contacts, 1994. Executive Producer, Sam brown, WA4IUM, South Sandwich Island DX Group.30 min
Track Title Description Length
1Fastnet Force SevenEJ7FRL DXpedition to a lighthouse on Fastnet rock, off the coast of Ireland. 19911hr
2The AH1A SagaHowland Island DXpedition. Amateurs operate from one of the most wanted DX countries. Produced by Walt Stinson, W0CP. 199348 min
Track Title Description Length
11935 Tour of ARRL HQARRL HQ as it was in 1935. A historical silent movie, recently narrated by retired ARRL staffer George Hart, W1NJM; master produced by Bob Anderson K1TVF. 199615 min
2The trans-Atlantic Tests and Station 1BCGThe early days of Amateur Radio. Re-live the 1921 trans-Atlantic testing and Amateur Radio station 1BCG. Produced by the Antique Wireless Association Club Historian bruce Kelley W2ICE. 199628 min
3An American InventorMaj. Edwin Howard Armstrong. In the beginning. . . a slide show and commentary (includes a rare voice recording of him). His inventions included the regenerative receiver and other radios. Also produced by The Antique Wireless Association. 199650 min
Track Title Description Length
19N1MM Marshall Moran tribute Dinner-A Jesuit Priest, Fr. Moran tells about his 40 years in Nepal, where he became a ham radio legend. Since 1960, his call - 9N1MM - was heard regularly on 20 Meters. He assisted in medical emergencies in Nepal, ship evacuations at sea, relief to a storm-str56 min
2 Amateur Radio in Elementary School -Ken Botterbrodt, K2WB (Ex-WA2CVJ), demonstrates Amateur Radio to a class of elementary school students. After explaining ham radio, Ken does a CW demonstration of student's names, holds a question and answer period, and concludes with students making on the air contacts. 27 min
3FAIRS in the Former Soviet UnionFoundation for Amateur International Radio Service (FAIRS), sponsored by Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. An outstanding exhibition of an organization making international goodwill through Amateur Radio in the former Soviet Union. (1996)13 min
4Genessee County (MI) Radio Club - 60th Anniversary60 years of Amateur Radio history, and community service, is recognized by the Genessee County Radio Club of Flint, MI. (1993)16 min
Track Title Description Length
1Phase 3D Integration LabTake a close-up view of the satellite of the future -- Phase 3D -- described by the very folks who have designed and assembled it. Located in a laboratory near Orlando, FL, the scientists and engineers show all the ins and outs of testing the satellite, in preparation for its launch. 1996 25 min
2 JAS1B/Fuji2 Our Japanese counterparts have been experimenting with Amateur Radio satellites for a very long time. Let them explain their history, and how they helped lay the foundation, with relation to Amateur Radio satellites. 1996 28 min
3SANDIA RoboticsHave you ever considered how robots may affect Amateur Radio in the future? Sandia National Laboratories demonstrates several robots but none have any Amateur Radio applications, yet! After viewing these, discuss possible ways Amateur Radio could enhance robot use.12 min
4SAREX at "center" Street School in CAWith the help of ARRL, AMSAT, and NASA, Gordon West, WB6NOA, commentates the successful contact with STS-94 in July, 1997.47 min
Track Title Description Length
More About Radios An introduction to Amature Radio for the general public 28 min